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Fiat Inflationary Circulatory System
The Solution
No matter our political or religious beliefs, social class, or race, we all have something in common. Human nature demands that we thrive in our environment and that the future of our children be assured. However, also because of our nature, forms of government and economic systems collapse, individual relationships fail, and the justice system is corrupt.
These failures have led to hunger, murder, war, crime, tyranny, and dictatorships. However, today we have technology and a social structure that allows us to press forward to a new economic paradigm, a model that will allow most economic systems to thrive, whether capitalist, socialist, or communist. Moreover, this paradigm will allow an economy to thrive without the corporate and government tyranny currently associated with these systems. The paradigm also will allow small businesses to compete with larger companies more easily than ever. And because the field of competition will be more level, companies will fight for high quality instead of creating low-quality products.
The Fiat Inflationary Circulatory System (FICS) is a new economic system that the world must adopt to fix humanity’s most pressing problems. The first country to adopt this system will be the founder of the FICS and will need to lead the world into this system without bias. The systems in place today amount to economic slavery. A person pays taxes on goods and services, and those taxes go to unknown uses, including as interest on national debt and financing representative decisions, such as spending bills passed by the Congress. In many cases, the spending bills contain pork which are costly unrelated laws added to a bill by a lawmaker because lobbyist pressure. The problem with our current arrangement is that as a community’s problems grow, laws and regulations increase correspondingly. In turn, yet more problems are caused by these laws and regulations, creating an endless cycle that only increases the complexity of the problems and the resulting solutions—which then increases the burden on people and businesses and causes a further increase in taxes.
The FICS system has no taxes, so there will be no economic slavery, and yet there will always be enough money for government programs to help individuals and families. There will be no government cutbacks on any services. Furthermore, the size and scope of the government are limited in FICS, preventing excessive use of the system. The system is based on fractions, to account for any future increase or decrease in population, and how long an increase or decrease in revenue is needed will also be determined by a fraction. For example, if an independent board determines all goals of the system have been met. The amount of money created will be divided by the current population M/P. Where M is, the money created up to the point all goals have been met, and P is the population at any given time. Because wealth also equals power, money creation is restricted with FICS based on the population, via a fraction. Once all the goals of the system are achieved, an independent board will be created to calculate the fraction M/P and decide where to appropriate funds throughout the country.
The independent board will oversee the transition from today’s economic system to FICS. The board would be tasked with preventing any power-hungry individuals from creating loop holes in FICS al. Such as a loop hole that allows for more money creation. Also, built into the system is an automatic monetary decrease in social program’s needs. This happens overtime because the lack of unemployed or underemployed people decreases the needs for many of the social programs, which only strengthens an economy. When people have wealth, they spend money within their communities, whether in small businesses or in large enterprises. The United States could be the first nation ever not to contain a single person without free access to a home, food, a college education, and full medical treatment. Were this to happen, America would also have the lowest crime and unemployment rates possible. Of course, certain people wish to live as a homeless person or choose not to attend college and these people may do so without consequence. Any of the benefits of FICS can be rejected without consequence, although the benefits are a part of the ultimate system goals. Sounds great, right? So how can we make these necessities a reality?
These are the questions I'm sure many will ask when they first hear of this plan: How is FICS even possible and how does it work? Why haven't we created a system like FICS before now? Will it be that simple? Is FICS part of a socialist-communist agenda? How do we limit government from becoming a dictatorship with supreme power over the people? Will everyone become lazy and live off the government, thereby preventing innovation?
I will answer each one of the core questions to help you better understand how FICS will work and be implemented. These answers to the questions will also act as a rebuttal to any opposition to FICS.
So How Can We Make All Social Programs Free?
An Introduction to FICS
The answer is simple: The Fiat Inflationary Circulatory System (FICS). With FICS we can fix almost all our economic, social, financial, and political problems. FICS has a list of system goals which include: Free access to a home, food, a college education, and full medical treatment, have the lowest crime and unemployment rates possible, interest free loans and grants, ending illness, traveling and colonizing the planets around stars, ending oppression and suffering, maintain individual’s rights and freedoms, maintain the strongest defense and military in the world, help other countries, and by encouraging them without force to ultimately join the FICS. FICS allows the government to print its money interest-free. It uses only the credit of the nation and its military influence as support for its currency, although this will change if the system is adopted worldwide.
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