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My name is Ryan Riggs, BS. I am mostly self-taught in a plethora of fields, including economics, law, politics, history, medicine, and quantum and theoretical physics. I received three associate's degrees, in mathematics/science, liberal arts, and computer information systems (CIS). I then received a bachelor's degree of science in management. Since then, I have done extensive personal research while working in all kinds of trade, including automotive, heavy equipment operations, management, and construction. I wrote FICS because our world is filled with problems, and solutions are rare. Many days and nights, I imagined a system where many of the problems people face every day are solved. I wanted to create a system that solves problems but does not come with the tyranny government may impose on its people. This book is a simple example of how this type of system could work in the United States and be implemented. I wanted to make sure that many Americans could and would be willing to read about FICS. I wanted to make it bipartisan so that it has a better chance of being implemented. I have contemplated why people would not want this system and found very little opposition. Most of the opposition I have received is the learned helplessness of the public: their belief that something like this would never come to fruition. To those people, your learned helplessness is holding stuff like this back. Join in support and I promise you will be surprised. History has shown that learned helplessness is a false reality, especially in a constitutional democratic republic. Although I have talked to many people, trying to counter any opposition that could possibly occur, I am sure opposition will exist and when it does I will be ready to tackle their concerns or explain why they should not be concerned. This is a gift to humanity in hopes people take it seriously and maybe someday live in a system called FICS.

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